A Case Study for Humanitarian & Non-profit Organization

Rebaz Foundation

We ensure that our prospective clients are getting tailored services that they need based on their specific project. Having 12 different services, our team at Black Ace realized the prospect may only be looking for support with five of those services. We insert the five blocks of our solutions to fit their needs as opposed to giving them the full overview of all of our services. We studied their needs, their organization, their audience, their geo-location and we were finally able to align their needs more directly with our ability to fulfill their technical needs. As opposed to other NGOs and profitable organziations whose target is to engage with clients and make profit, Rebaz Foundation's needs as a humanitarian and non-profiatble organization were different. So we made sure they have a proper digital representation that demonstrates a decade and more of charity and humanitarian work.

A website provides an instant visual presentation

Rebaz Foundation's website is their digital storefront, serving up their audience’s first impression of the impact they had in the community throughout the years they have been operating. Because this first impression leaves a lasting imprint, we have paid extra attention to how we can convey their identitya and activies on every page of their website.

Designing a responsive website is a necessity —not an option

A great website design must look on small devices as good as it looks on large screens. We have taken into consideration that the website remains great on mobile phones, tablets, and laptop screens.

Connecting them with people having the same vision to serve a greater cause..

We have enabled the charity organization to connect with their peer volunteers to serve a greater cause. Now Volunteers accross the region applies to their programs through one digital platform available on their mobile or computers.

We couldn't have offered a tailored Solution and service bundle to this organization without having a great team who make sure that our clients do not only get what they want, but what they need, to advance their businesses. .